I’ve worked with Aisha twice already. And she’s currently doing another spell work for me.

  1. The first spell (ISIS) got the guy i always wanted in to my life and as my boyfriend. I never in my wildest dream thought i would be in a relationship with him but Aisha did it!
    Time – Spell cast in February end and got results in May end
  2. The second spell (Cleopatra) healed my mother, she was given only a few days to live and much to the doctors astonishment she is fine now and better as each day goes by! Seeing Aisha do the impossible made out of me a believer.
    Time – spell cast in October end and got the results the moment i received the talisman. My mother started recovering progressively and within a month she seemed back to her old self! The doctors could not understand how? But I knew it was Aisha all the way. She also helped me get my Visa sorted out so I could live and work in the country my boyfriend lives in (She does miracles)
  3. Aisha’s currently working for me again! And i’ll post more when i achieve the results.

Please remember, My Aisha is a wonderful lady. Since the time I’ve known her she has been there for me. She has always been kind and she really cares. I write to her almost every day! And sometimes I’m a nag but somehow I know she understands and each time she says ‘Honey Don’t panic I’m here for you’ – I know things will be alright!
Miriam her daughter is a darling!

Remember, You can trust Aisha to be there for you! She delivers 🙂 Sometimes we find ourselves in unfortunate situations and are unable to help ourselves – Trust Aisha to help you out! And she will.

Be patient, and imagine how happy you would be when you’ll receive your wishes!
Think Positive even if you feel things aren’t moving as fast you would like them to (i’ve been there) but they will eventually get better! They always have for me.

Love to you all. Keep the faith!


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