My Dear Aisha

I truly believe in your capabilities for casting spells.

I have been in Love with L my sister-in-law for years and told her many times how I felt about her. She was very quiet and reserved and told me she liked me too but since she was married she couldn’t express any feelings for me. You cast a spell for me and after about a month later when my lovely sister-in-law and I were together at her house she told me that she loved me also. I was taken by surprise but soon realized that your spell had worked. I told her that I loved her and wanted her to let me express my love for her. We kissed and held each other and ended up making love to each other that afternoon. The next day we were together and made love together at her house all morning long.

We have a loving and passionate relationship. Your spell worked exceedingly well as part of the spell was also to cast a spell on my wife and her husband so that they would not interfere with my sister-in-law and my relationship. The spell cast on them has made them encourage L and me to continue our loving relationship.
My wife and her husband even told my sister-in-law and I to express our feelings for each other when they are around, if we wanted to.

Her husband told me that I could make love to L at his house even if he was there, as he wouldn’t interfere with our relationship.

Thank you my Great Aisha for all that you have done to help me in getting my wish and desires come true. I will be eternally grateful for all that you have done to bring L my lovely sister-in-law and me together for a loving lasting passionate relationship.

B., New York

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