Hello, just the other day I came across an article that someone wrote, and the person had a very negative aspect on witchcraft saying it is ‘evil’. I do not know what the big deal is about and why people cannot accept things open minded. People can practice anything as long as it does not harm anyone or anything in nature. As for being concerned with manipulating someone through a love spell, you are not causing any harm to the other person; but the other person is experiencing the feelings of love and compassion and appreciation which are wonderful feelings. Believe me, there are far worse cases of manipulating somebody in a relationship whether it be playing with feelings, emotions and most of all, taking advantage of somebody because you know they love you. These aspects are itself evil. We all come here with love in our lives; the desire to love and to be loved in return. There is nothing evil about that. We should take initiative about how to solve our problems. too many people in this world just sit back and accept what life throws at them;saying it is ‘fate’ or destiny’. I have been one of those people. i’m lucky to find Aisha’s website and truly grateful she does wonderful things.


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