It is hard, to wait for something that , you really-really want. Like it is said you want something with all your heart you will pay dearly. For me it is the waiting, and i gave all my tears up.. no more i am empty like a well.
But i know there is something something that tells me.. while waiting.. not to give up.. there is something in this universe that will tie the bonds and make it alive and make it work for those who are like me in this situation and want only the best outcome.

Magical could be.. transparent as the naked eye can’t see. For i feel the invisible bonds of? The universe and the unknown doing it’s thing.. guiding us and protecting us and making our lives a bit better.There is no harm, i feel in wanting something so much and loving someone so much. Because i feel we are all here for a purpose to love -love and be happy. For those who don’t have anyone there is always someone out there. Trust the universe and the positivity that flows amongst the universe. For ther is something out there good so good we can’t touch, if we put all our energies in thinking goodness and happiness, it will overflow us and generate our hearts to beat a little faster- a little stronger and feel alive and go about life with a smile.Faith, good thoughts and last but not least PATIENCE is what we have to do. for ourselves, yet the last one to be so hard.. but the guides and the energies will float and seek us and help us with what we want and need.

I hope this helps.

Wish you happiness loads of love and health!

Butterfly28, USA

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