Extraordinarily Accurate, mind-blowing phenomena, at work here. A true genius in your endeavour to put things as they should be, the universe gave birth to a star born identity when they made you.
mother earth goodness. A kind and generous frame of individualism all born into and, as you, divine peace working goddess, light filling, wonderful Lady Aisha, who is doing the grand job of web weaving and sorcery , her spells are divine and her love spell work has amazing results. Money spells I think are your speciality. Again, amazing results. The talismanic charms are far reaching the world. I know of many people who have these boldly beautiful pieces of not only ornamentation but working spells and holistically spiritual forces gathering around the recipient forever. How wonderful to have you in our lives dear glorious Ms. Aisha. Clever and talented individual. Who uses a Spell Caster to accountably decide what will work for you in love and light. Let this beautiful dependable woman joyfully work with your guides and parted loved-ones to help you move forward on your journey with effortlessness and tranquillity. This is a genuine, trusted person who has immense power of the universe with her.


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