I’ve been a client of Aisha for a year or so. First she helped me with a job situation and 2 months ago I asked her to help me with a love dilemma I had. I like and love a man that is not easy to get, he is been a loner all his life, and now we are in this “relationship” call friendship and more…

Well I asked for an Isis spell at first, a couple of weeks went by and I realized that things were in fact improving. To speed things up I added the Cleopatra spell.

All this time it was hard to wait for results, it’s only a couple of days since the talisman got here.

Things are getting so much better now. He is opening up and is talking about long term commitment, including marriage. This is like a 360 change from how he behaved before the spells.

So things are going good. I am full of hope and I can see that it is working. Glad I added the other spell I really needed it for my own sanity. Aisha says that all is going to work out and I can see that now.


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