I think my last post was too long for the website – the first time I wrote an extremely long post I got an error message, so I’m trying again as I promised to post updates. Just wanted everyone to know that I received my fetish two days ago. The first day before I had even gotten it out of my mail slot, I saw my ex-boyfriend when I haven’t seen him in person in ages. I felt this small thing was a good sign. This man that I love started dating someone new and ended even our friendship which was all that was left after he broke up with me several years ago. I had tried so hard to keep him as my friend. For now, I wait for him to decide to love me again instead of this new girlfriend. She spoke to me on the phone and she was terribly cruel, it has been a hard few years missing this man I spent years with and the words this younger new girl chose to speak to me and her tone replay in my head still. I can’t wait for the spell work Aisha is doing for me to change this situation so that the man I still love will love me again. I only pray that I can be kind and considerate of this new girlfriend’s (soon to be ex-girlfriend’s) feelings if ever she tries to speak with me again even though she was so horrible to me when she chose to talk to me as she did a few months ago. That’s all for now, but every good sign helps to encourage you all hopefully! Take care all, thank you Aisha, I’m very grateful for all you’ve done for me.

*, USA

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