Greetings everyone. I have found this method to be extremely helpful while waiting for results of my very complicated situation. I can not speak about what I am dealing with at this time because I am waiting on results but I’ll just say that it is love related and very complicated and the one I love will not communicate with me at all.

I found this in a great metaphysical book and every time I use this it brings me incredible peace. If you are not able to speak with your loved one, or frankly even if you can and they don’t really speak with you try what is called a soul to soul talk. It is not a spell at all, you are truly speaking with the person’s soul and it can truly help to open up their mind and heart to you and your love. Not to mention the peace of mind it will bring you.

Here is what you do:

The Soul-to-Soul Talk

“This meditation involves having a heart-to-heart talk with another individual’s soul. If a person is filled with hate, resentment, fear or envy or has a dysfunctional personality, sometimes it is easy for you to talk to his or her Higher Self rather than to talk in person.

The Higher Self is devoid of the same characteristics that the personality has, yet it has a subtle influence on the personality. Using this meditation may manifest a sudden change of behavior on the part of the other
person with regards to you.

It is useful for all forms of attack.
Lie down your flat on your back. Breathe and relax. Imagine a bright ball of light about three feet above your head. You can actually imagine a being that looks somewhat like you. This is your Higher Self or soul. This is a benevolent, compassionate version of yourself. This is the self that lives in a perfect world.

Greet your Higher Self. Imagine your Higher Self smiling and sending you love.Now imagine another light. This one is hundreds of feet above you. It looks like a burning ball aflame… a small shining sun. It is the purest, whitest light imaginable. This is the Divine Light—the ultimate source of all love and imagination.

As you breathe in, imagine this divine light shooting light downwards and sending it into the ball of light that is just above your head. As you breathe out, see your Higher Self being energized by the light sent from this higher sun.

Now imagine the person that you are having problems with. Visualize him or her from head to toe.Imagine this person is standing right in front of you.

Now visualize that this person too, has a little ball of shining light about three feet above his or her head.
Now you are going to create a triangle of light. You are going to imagine that there is a beam of light connecting your Higher Self to the other person’s Higher Self.

Once you have made this connection, you ask that your Higher Self be allowed to speak to the other person’s Higher Self.

The person is still facing you.Say what it is you have to say. Explain why the hatred or difference between you needs to be dissolved.Explain why it would be good for you both and everyone else. Keep your words positive: “I would like you to love me the way I love you. You deserve to be loved and so do I.”

Now imagine that the shining sun high above you is sending light down to both of your Higher Selves.In your mind’s eye you are seeing two people with a triangle of light above both of your heads. The Divine Light is at the top of the triangle.

You ask the divine light to send both of you the love, courage, strength and imagination required to resolve the situation.

Keep up this visualization of the Higher Sun sending light down upon both of you for as long as you can. Remember to keep up the image of the energy flowing back and forth between the two of you at the same time.

When you feel you have sent enough energy, you usually feel a little “click” indicating the matter is done.
Dissolve the image and open your eyes.”

What I have noticed by doing this is the “small click inside” that they talk about can be different with each person. I seem to be extremely sensitive to energy and what I feel is a very powerful warm and peaceful feeling when enough energy has been sent. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to as much as half an hour depending on what I talk about.

No my love has not spoken with me yet but I have only been using this for a week. I know that it is working because the first time I did this mediation he wouldn’t look at me and he was distant. Now he instantly holds my hands, smiles and hugs me. All I can say is that this mediation has brought me incredible peace during the single toughest incident in my life.

I hope those of you who are truly struggling in a tough love situation find this to be helpful while waiting for results. I hope that it brings you the peace you need while Aisha’s powers are at work. I wish all of you success on your needs and sincerely wish you peace and happiness.

I read this guest book often and it helps me to get through these tough times. I really look forward to being another one of these beautiful stories. When I post you will understand why this has been so tough for me. When I post I truly think it will help you to believe in Aisha’s power and love because this is a very complicated case.

Peace to all,

Los Angeles, California

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