Once you’ve had someone else cast a spell for you, you don’t have do anything, right?  Not so.  Once the magic spell has been released into the world, there is a lot you can do in order to ensure its success.

While the spell itself will be working its own magic, you need to keep your mind positive in order to encourage the spell’s energy to grow more and more powerful to speed its success and to ensure the results you desire.

Think Positively

Your mind is capable of so many things.  And while we often take our minds for granted, this can not be the case when it comes to white magic spells.  Each time we allow our minds to drift into the negative side of what might happen with our spells, we create a crack in the spell’s energy.  If there are enough cracks, then the spell can break apart, leaving you without the results you desire.  Instead, you need to think in your mind and in your heart that the spell is going to work.

How to Turn on the Positive

If you find your mind drifting away from positive thinking, you need to refocus your attention on what you want.  Picture the results in your mind, picture all that you want to have, and believe that it can be yours.  The more energy you direct toward this positive outcome, the more powerful magical spells will become.  The spell will be able to work faster and the results will be precisely what you wanted them to be.

Positive Energies of Magic Spells

Magic spells are energy and in order for this energy to do the things you want it to do, you need to be a part of the process.  Feed the energy of the magic spells with positive thinking – and you’ll be glad you did.

Exploring the the Concept of Positive Thinking

One of the best selling books of all times was written way back in the 20th Century and has been disappearing of the shelves consistently for many decades. The Power of Positive Thinking is a simple, straightforward work that shows us how simple some very important learning about ourselves can be.

What a gloriously simple idea—keep you thoughts on the positive side. Johnny Mercer—The Gentleman from Savannah—wrote a song back in the same period of time as that in which Mr. Peale wrote his book: ‘Accentuate the Positive’

These simple works—as so often is the case—stay around because they ring a bell deep within. The clichés stay around forever because they pulse with deep, fundamental truths.

Try this powerful litmus test. For the next two days, try to be as quiet as possible, not engaging heartily in conversation, but listening with care. Do this in all the circles through which you move and pay very close attention. Let the nature of the language in and note how it is used. How many types of negativity exist? Chances are very strong that you will be amazed at how much of our time is spent bad mouthing, bemoaning, feeling sorry for ourselves, talking about how screwed up things are for us.

After leaving the pow-wow, look around closely: the trees, the flowers, the sky, parts of the built environment—how many things are wonderful, are in fact excellent, then think about how many of the negatives in the conversations are actually inventions designed to support the mutual, negative viewpoint.

Look closely at how abundant this behavior of latching onto myths fed by the negative is and how much energy we lose as we ensnare ourselves in them. Think of how powerful the Casting of Spells, or the receiving of Castings could become if that energy were put to work constructively. We work so hard at weaving more and more so-called problems and lamenting them. Our minds latch onto the wasteful subject and grow wildly discursive, simply draining off energy in the effort to maintain this pointless negative, run away mind-set.

Losing out by letting Negativity consume you

While we lose ourselves in this wild spinning of the negative, we lose so much of our lives. This is not to say that negative energy is bad, that it is not a part of our total beings, no—it must be manifested when required. Our in-the-moment negativity is thoroughly dynamic. It is a fantastic warrior, a totally enlightened
prince of peace, a full-fledged Aikido master who never touches anyone during combat, but simply works with the force-field and re-arranges the environs.

Spell casting requires great strength—shilly-shallying with such vital matters is completely unacceptable. An authentic Spell Caster understands the need for conservation of energy as one of the deepest truths of spiritual work. The Egyptians knew it well. Keeping the silence in spell work is absolutely essential—not as a way of being sneaky, but in order to conserve energy. It must never be frittered away in ridiculous behavior like feeling sorry for onself and getting lost in pity-parties.

All of that time could be spent working with novitiates, talking creatively with the curious, studying how biologicals like tears and hair can add to effectiveness. All of the basics require effort and add deeply to the practice: studying amulet, learning the authentic, Egyptian talismans, quieting the mind.

When someone is acting-out with completely inappropriate behavior, and they will not listen to anyone: talking to loud, assaulting everyone with oaths for no reason, belittling someone beyond the point of shared joking and continuing, going on and on and on, it is time to help them remember their own, shared sense of gracious behavior.

The behavior becomes a signal, the person is being wasteful of everyone’s precious time—we all know in one beat of our intuition what is correct and what is inappropriate. This is never a middle class constraining of one’s behavior, a recipe by some control freak, an attempt to tell us who we should be. No, quite the contrary, this is a formula for getting closer to our real selves, to peeling another layer off the onion. It is time to fully engage negative, energy. If one has engaged the other Karma Yogas to no avail, it is time to push this person off the path and move on with the great communion at hand. The Positive then springs up again, tangible and whole, making us feel light and fully present.

Allow yourself to See the Beauty of Life

Life is so full and wonderful, ripe with mystery, with possibilities, with wondrous things to explore like all the teachings from the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt. The pursuit of the spirit work in the schools, the depth of understanding, the material to pass on to others. So much awaits us around every turn in the road. The closer we get to our genuine, authentic beings, the simpler it is to drop the union with groups of people who spend so much of their lives entwined in negative thought.

This is not the pure negative energy of telling a person to buzz off. The energy of people bunched up, reveling in their brilliant observations about how screwed up everything is provides a deep grave of fear, a web of the protracting of our initial spark of negativity, which is one of the most brilliant forces in the universe. We absolutely know how to cut through the convoluted, entrapping negative energy and it is extremely vital that we do it, and fast. Express our simple, immediate negative reactions immediately and run like a cat from a dog whenever we encounter the convoluted negative energy.

When working with all parts of the Great Egyptian Teachings it is of the utmost importance to remain in, and always work within the power of one’s own Positive. However, do not turn this into a silly, phony, goof-ball thing in which one grins and makes nice. Authenticity is absolutely essential when working with Egyptian Spell Casting, and all work related to it, especially when working with powerful spell caster such as myself.

Egyptian symbols, the teachings are some of the most basic, profound understanding on the earth, they made manifest all the great learning process that arose after the last ice age, around forty thousand years ago. This is something to be happy about, very happy about, to feel honored to participate in and grow to know intimately. This is cause for celebration and opening the doors to the positive.

We are not looking for a silly, vacuous, politically correct positivity here—we don’t come to the event dressed in the emperors new clothes. If we are nude, it is very good, very ripe and full of opportunity to dress up correctly. To put on a suit and tie and look grand. Here the phony attitude of grinning like a opossum and trying to impress others with what wonderful, positive folks we are doesn’t cut it. No, this is another thing.

Here, we are so excited about sacred consciousness, the knowing, the gnosis, the authentic, in-ourselves—forces that we know well, which permeate all time and space with the light, limber excitement of being—that we don’t have to try, to strain, to be politically correct, to make a deep effort to be positive and uplifting. No, the situation takes care of it for us. In fact, the powerful work we are doing, the viewpoint of society through the great mystery of the Sphinx’s point of view, is so remarkable that we ARE positive, energy—there is no choice, no dodging, no being coy. The light is now emanating from our beings like a searchlight at the carnival and our positive energy draws others to us like moths to a porch light in the middle of summer.

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