I am an older woman and I met a younger man at a party about 7 or 8 months ago. We started dating and going out together. We enjoyed each others company immeasurably we went out with friends and my work colleagues and although everything has been wonderful up to now I have found myself feeling very jealous over silly things. I never used to be jealous, or insecure in any way. I find it immensely frustrating to develop this kind of uncontrolled behaviour at times. It’s like I have lost sense of what is reality.

I have asked Aisha for a truth spell to know what is happening with me in my life right now. Her spell was immensely powerful. I obviously do not trust my guy but is he cheating.

Yes the son of a bitch was cheating on me. He gave me all the come on, told me I was paranoid about us.

Thank you Aisha for giving me the courage to move on with the Heal a broken heart spell. There is room for me to improve myself and enjoy being single. Thank you for finding the truth and healing my broken heart.


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