I want to share with you all my experiences with two talismans that I ordered from Aisha.

Attract positive energies and Attract Luck. I ordered them as my life was not going the way I wanted it to and I was severely depressed. Without realising it the talisman began working for me not dramatically but in subtle yet effective ways. For example I found myself having a more positive outlook on things and I do feel down I find I can talk myself out if it within minutes as opposed to weeping and  hiding in bed for days on end. Also the attract luck talisman helps me. An example is that my friend and I were sharing a cab him the other day and she insisted on paying which saved me cash I desperately needed for something else. So my Talismans are definitely working I would recommend them. Just keep an open mind.

Thanks Aisha and I hope this encourages all of you.

Mystery, UK

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