Aisha is the best. this is my 2nd time working with her. my problem is love related to bring my ex boyfriend back into my life. I contacted Aisha after a very nasty breakup and i ordered the Isis Love spell. after 9 days of receiving my talisman my ex man called and we ended up seeing each other. we also saw each other 2 more times after that but then everything stopped. so i contacted Aisha again and informed her that my spell wasn’t working. she then told me i needed stronger energies for my situation. so i ordered the PRC for love. during the time i was gathering my materials for mt PRC i found out thru my ex’s sister that he got a girl pregnant and they are to move in together. i was so heartbroken and i told Aisha and she was positive she could help with the PRC. i just received my talisman again so i’m so anxious of the outcome. I know this is real. I have never done spell-work before Aisha and i am a true believer because of the past spell. To all who is awaiting results like i am, please believe in your wishes and believe Aisha will help. I read the success stories and i cannot wait until i can be with him again..

To Aisha, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I’m trying to stay positive as i wait but it’s so hard. and thanks for answering all my emails and questions. You are a true miricle worker. And i thank God i found you. please continue to help people like myself and may you stay blessed forever.

JCS, Los Angeles, USA

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