My case is a love one. I ordered a love spell to help the man I love to come back to me with true love and commitment. I am been waiting for results, I wrote to Miriam many times for support. I notice changes in the way things were happening, positive and slow. So I wrote to Aisha and she recommended me something else but, in the meanwhile, she said , she will strengthen the energies for me, well…guess what? He came out with a lot of concerns about me, and we discussed our issues, so he asked me to give me a chance to be my friend again, but also, as a Christmas gift he gave me a “Sea Star”…I was wishing to asked him to give me one back in October, he went to the beach by then, but I never asked him, I was looking different pictures of sea stars for a reason, and also I have two of them in my screen saver in my computer (I Love them), well Aisha said: “the nature will let you know when magic starts working”…today the nature showed me that through the star, maybe sound weird but, as soon as I saw it, Aisha came to my mind and let me tell you, things were more positive in the way he was acting…I can not wait to see the final results…I believe now! Something strong and full of love is happening when you ask for it. I need to learn patience. Thanks Aisha and Miriam….love …..

Luna, Atlanta, GA

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