Aisha returned my husband to me with a PRC in August like I had asked her to. However, I wasn’t ready to receive him in my heart. Upon his return, I was still very bitter inside about the circumstances that had caused him to leave in the first place. I harbored a lot of resentment. Although he was with me in the same house, I was angry. Consequently, my anger and resentment spilled over into our day to day interaction and it caused him to leave me again. I pushed him right into the situation I was trying to avoid. I understand what I did wrong now. I have requested a Reinforcement Spell to the PRC I had ordered originally to return my husband back to me. Now I anxiously await his return, but this time with a new found wisdom to not dwell on the issues of the past and let it go. Because I have to remind myself I wanted him back and the issues of the past still remain and I cannot change that. Thank you for your help and I know you will return him to me again. This time I won’t mess it up.

E., US

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