Spell to Break a Habit


Have you tried to quit smoking but can’t seem to break the habit? Or perhaps you have other addictions or habits that prevent you from enjoying life or the company of those you love. I have spells that assist in breaking habits and addictions of many kinds.


We all have bad habits that we would like to be able to break. It may be smoking, eating a certain food, or even a mannerism that we are conscious of but seem to be unable to do anything about. It may be a more serious and health or life threatening addiction or dependency.

If you can relate to any of these things, then the spell to break a habit or addiction will help you.

This spell can target a whole manner of habits or addictions, and will help you to get out of the vicious circle that you often find yourself in when you try to break out of the pattern of behavior.

How a Spell to Break a Habit can Help

Bad habits such as smoking can negatively influence relationships with family, friends, and coworkers and hamper your ability to socialize under certain conditions. Furthermore, these types of habits are costly to maintain. My witchcraft spells can help you break any habit and promote the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Under more serious conditions, these magic spells can assist with positive energy in breaking life-threatening addictions to drugs or debilitating additions to gambling, alcohol, stealing, or any illegal action. Many habits and addictions tear apart families and ruin otherwise wonderful relationships with lovers and friends. Start the change now. You’ve made the choice for change, so take the next step and use the powers of magic to promote the joy and freedom that follows the end of a painful addiction.

Change is difficult and this spell is designed to ease the transition through the use of positive magical forces. These power focus on removing the negative energy from your life and restoring the balance of force around you. By surrounding you with positive energy, the habit-breaking spell supports your spirit through the change and into a happier, more joyous life.

Combine this spell with Spiritual Cleansing Spell and Karma Cleansing to wash your soul and life of any remaining negative energy. These spells will help you restore and maintain the balance of energy you need to move forward with your life. Keep in mind that all of my spells are 100% customized to your specific situation. You can order the Habit Breaking Spell by itself, or combine this wish with with other spells related to your well-being.

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