Hundreds of trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs grow on Earth. The power of these plants is extremely high and enhances the power of spells and rituals.

It is no coincidence that plants are important ingredients in my rituals and play an important role in the alchemy of love and relationship problems.

You can grow the following plants in a ‘love garden’ to strengthen love spells, money spells, protection spells and all other rituals and spells.

Herbs in Magic

Herbs have, and always will be, intrinsically linked with magic in some form. Ever since magic first originated, spell seekers have been using plants and herbs in order to achieve their ends. Traditionally, the village shaman or witch doctor would use complex herbal remedies in order to deal with the foulest and most debilitating of diseases and illnesses.

However, it is not simply the medicinal value, or the fact that many kinds of herb are vital to producing a lovely and interesting recipe to serve to your friends that makes them so useful for magic spells and rituals. The other properties that any herb or plant possesses are ultimately just as valuable when it comes to magic and the various spells that they are appropriate for.

The reason behind the usage of a multitude of different herbs (Lavender and Rosemary spring to mind instantly) in magic rituals and spell casting is simply that they seem to emit an energy from within them. Tapping into this energy, allows the power that they release to be harnessed and used in order to manufacture and cast spells.

Herb use within those who practice magic is an issue that relies entirely on the specific person as many people use herbs on a regular basis, including them in almost every spell. Yet, equally, there are a huge group of people who barely use herbs at all and also many others in between who use them sparingly.

Nonetheless, the diversity of the magical herb is undeniable. Some of the particular herbs allow us to find love, feel protection or even increase the energy and power of other ingredients that they are combined with. This makes them a formidable and incredibly valuable addition to any spell-seeker’s arsenal of magic.

Some examples of popular herbs and their uses are:


The twigs and bark of this plant are especially useful to awaken love and enhance physical strength.

African violet

When burnt, it enhances love and harmony in your own heart


helps all kinds of magic but is most effective as a Potpourri in a magic satchel

Balm of Gilead

The buds are used in many love potions and amulets which help love.


Can be used for all love magic and is most effective in love potions and readings.


Bay leaves are especially effective in love potions and when burnt


An amulet from nature which furthers female fertility


Used in Potpourris to heal broken hearts and release from painful memories.


An herb with various magical uses in love pillows, fertility pendants and for magic spells for good luck


A spice which is often used for love magic: for aphrodisiacs, magic spells designed to elicit sexual lust and passion, and love meditations.


The buds are an important ingredient in love potions. The clove oil enhances physical beauty.


The leaves are used in love spells and for love pillows.


Useful for love meditations and spells, especially those which call out love or return a lost love. Columbine also enhances courage.


This plant strengthens Beauty and Attractiveness.


For love spells which attract love and further harmony.


This plant is helpful for all kinds of love magic but most effective for love readings and prophecies.


Used for ages as aphrodisiac; effective for all kinds of love alchemy.


Used in love readings and to add to the fulfillment of secret desires


Used in many love rituals, especially in spells which elicit sexual longing


The wood and the flowers of the elder plants are apt for love magic, especially for spells which elicit love.


Seeds, leaves and root are useful for many kinds of love alchemy, especially rituals to awaken love.


Garlic is used to protect from drowning and can also be placed in doorways to ward off illnesses and to keep evil away from those inside. Another use of it is to ward off persistent ex-lovers.


Especially effective for magic spells to enhance fertility


An especially effective herb that has been used for magical purposes for centuries. It is often used for amulets which show love or for aphrodisiacs which enhance male virility.


Effective for love prophecies


A plant which has many magical powers, most effective for love prophecies and magic spells for fertility


Heather has the best effect in magic spells which enhance physical beauty and attractiveness.


The flowers are used for love spell which elicit love and passion. Jasmine oil is an important ingredient in love potions for broken hearts.


Its red berries are especially effective for all love magic which enhances sexual potency.

Lady’s mantle

This plant was often used in the medieval ages by alchemists. Lady’s mantle is also known as ‘Alchemilla’ and is used for many kinds of love magic.


can be used for all love spells. The petals are liked in love pillows. We use candles dipped with lavender oil for magic spells.


The leaves are useable for all sorts of love magic. The flowers show their effect in magic spells as well as love potions and perfumes which elicit love and longing.


Roots and seeds are important ingredients for erotic love alchemy


Especially the flowers are effective for all magic designed to elicit fidelity


This plant is useful for all love magic, especially those which calm the heart


The leaves are used in all magic which elicits sexual desire


This ancient plant mainly addresses fertility


The leaves are used for love potions and love readings


this old, precious plant is an essential ingredient for all aromatic magic.


The nut and the oil are used for all kinds of love alchemy, especially for potions and magic spells which elicit love and sexual desire.


Leaves and bark are useful for magic which strengthens the female fertility and the male virility


its fruit, leaves and petals are apt for many love spells, especially those which enhance sexual desire.


The orchid works for love spells, love potions and love rituals which strengthen the Psyche.


The aromatic oil attracts love and is an important ingredient of aromatic love alchemy.


Parsley is used in purification baths and is also said to increase libido and fertility.


The fruits can be used for love spells, love potions and as aphrodisiac.


The rose is one of the most helpful plants in love alchemy. Almost all its parts can be used for magic love spells and love potions. Rose oil is used to elicit courage; rose buds can be used for love readings.


very useful to awaken sensual desire. Rosemary, which clears the mind and helps to ensure good memory and learning capability. This makes it very useful for taking prior to a test or other situation in which mental ability is important.


The fruit helps with magic spells, love potions and aphrodisiacs. The leaves can be used a good luck charm.


Is most effective in magic spells which elicit courage, and for all dream-related readings.


Is helpful for all kinds of love magic. The hulls are used for love amulets; the red flowers show their effectiveness in aphrodisiacs and love pillows.


One of the oldest and most magical love plants. Verbena is most effective for love wishes, in love potions, aphrodisiacs and for love readings.


These small flowers are especially helpful for aphrodisiacs and for magic spells, but also useful in love pillows and amulets.

How Herbs and Plants are used in Rituals and Spells

Herbs can be applied in almost every way, but herbs acquired fresh are always more effective than those that have been dried. They can be crushed and dissolved into a liquid, consumed, rubbed on the skin and a number of other methods, meaning that they are exciting and versatile magical ingredients that can fit almost any spell that you care to think of. This serves to increase the level of value they carry to the spell caster.

Even now, the use of herbs is mostly confined to their value in terms of medicine. However, values in healing people are by no means the only aspect of herbs that makes them appealing to those who practice magic on a regular basis. Properties that they have including fragrances and various root configurations can also be utilized for great magical effect.

Overall, herbs are an important aspect of magic due to the simple fact that they are probably the most versatile ingredient that magic can find as they have an application in almost every field, being one of the most useful tools for anyone who practices magic. There is no substitute that is equally versatile and has the same reach of properties in terms of magical value.

Quite literally, the reach of herbal magic is endless.

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