Hello everybody

I had promised myself that I would wait as long as necessary before I made an entry into this guest book. The reason being that, I wanted to report only a final, positive result and not what one goes through while waiting for it to happen. However, I now realise that it is equally important to exchange experiences and one should try to support each other. Each case is different. Some take longer than others and this is when it can get really difficult.

This wonderful lady (words fail me to describe her) has done two spells for me, Love spell and more recently, a Money spell. I will not write about the details of my long, sad and painful love story yet. This I keep for the future to tell you what Aisha is capable of doing, for I believe that it will happen.

When I received the love talisman I had very little idea as to what to expect, apart from what I had read in the guest book, such as an incredibly strong energy coming from it. Well, nothing like that happened to me. Then I asked Aisha questions, trying to find out how the spell works. Aisha is an incredible person and answers all my e-mails. Now I have a much better understanding and also quite different expectations to what I had in the beginning.

Now, although I said I did not experience any power from the fetish directly when I held it in my hand, after a few weeks I started to feel a strange power inside me. I felt my heart rate increasing, almost as if it would burst any second. During this time my love for my ex-lover became so strong that I thought the spell was working but perhaps on the wrong person! I don’t know yet why this happened the way it did, but I do believe that there is a reason behind everything which we experience while the spell is in power.

The results of the Money spell were much quicker, almost a matter of days. I had asked for a quicker development in my business. Suddenly, alternative people expressed an interest in my projects, appointments which took ages to organise were brought forward. Have I become a millionaire over night ?? NO, because this is not what I had asked for. I only wanted to see positive results for my hard work rather than permanent obstacles.

I learn a lot from Aisha, such as patience, my own vulnerability and I am able to see for myself that not everything might be plain sailing. She told me that sometimes delays such as those in my business can have beneficial effects for me and it happened exactly how she said it. During one delay, I met an alternative.

I still have to have patience with both spells, but at least I have found hope through Aisha. I went through an awful phase where I did not know how to carry on with normal, daily life. I wouldn’t have come out of it by myself without Aisha’s help. In every reply, there is one word, one sentence which touches my heart so deeply. For example, she is the only one who told me that she will get me the love I need because she thinks I “deserve” it.

I do believe in her, her powers and her spirits. I can feel that we will all get our results one day or another if she says we will. Let us not lose hope and let us not to forget to write into Aisha’s guest book. Those already fulfilled wishes keep the rest of us going.

Love to you all

One of You, Doesn’t Matter

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