I just had to write to you because I just got my talisman in the mail last Wednesday, and I did a candle meditation just like Aisha said, for my boyfriend to come back to me, and when I went to sleep after the candle meditation, I felt a really warm glow inside. I just felt things would be right and true and good.

The next morning, I awoke to a beautiful sunny day, and I felt hopeful, and then my boyfriend called – I am not kidding – he called almost 24 hours from the time that I performed my meditation!!!! We are not back together as a couple yet, but as I am writing this I can feel our love blossoming back, the way it used to be. I love him so much. So I am very grateful forever to Ms. Aisha for her powerful Amun Ra Ritual, her prayers, and her meditations on me. Happiness awaits!!!

Claire, USA

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