I’ve just worked with a client on a difficult Karma Cleansing. The sad part, the client was completely unaware of what Karma is and how negatively it impacted her life.

Karma is a word that many people throw around, but not many are certain what it means. And in truth, it’s actually a concept which means different things to different people.

However, one thing remains the same: if you want to use magic responsibly, you need to remember what karma is and how it can affect you if you don’t consider its ramifications.

The Truth about Karma

In all of our lives, we do things which harm others – sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.  We might say something upsetting to someone else, we might go out of our way to manipulate a situation, etc.  All of these things add up to problems with karma.  Thus, if you accumulate a lot of bad things in your life, you are going to attract a lot of bad things back to you, in order to repay the karmic debt you’ve incurred.  What you send out into the universe, you will be getting back someday.

Getting Good Karma

But, even if you’ve done bad things in your life, this doesn’t mean your entire life is going to be filled with pain. While you will need to make up for those bad things, you can do so by bringing more good energy into your life.  Do good things for others, give to the poor, etc.  When you do magic spells, make sure that you’re using positive energy as opposed to trying to harm others.  With these good karmic ‘deposits’ in your life, you will be able to generate ‘interest’ in the universal bank account and your happiness will grow as a result.

Karma is something that can be passed from one lifetime to the next, it’s said.  So, if you find that you’re facing a lot of bad things, but you’re not a bad person, realize that your past lives might have some karmic debts to repay.  By maintaining a positive attitude and energy, you can begin to see more good things come into your current karma experience.

Therefore it is highly beneficial to cleanse the Karma with my Karma Cleansing and build a new foundation on which your happiness can grow. I’ve also written an extensive article on Karma. When you have the time – read it, as it gives a more comprehensive understanding of Karma.

The History of Karma

The Karma teachings have been with since somewhere after the last, great ice age. The shores of East Africa were the first place on the planet where the great meltdown, the new flourishing of life began to swing into full blossom through the blessings of the sun.

As she came through, breaking the deep, long-lasting chill, humans began to travel north. These beginners, these originators of our Karma, these first peoples of the birth of what we refer to as civilization, began to traipse up the coast on their long, northerly sojourn. They settled the north-east corner of Mother Africa and a couple score of millennia, what we now see as Egypt arose.

Never satisfied, human souls continued to head roam north. We settled in numerous times during our trek, harnessing the environs of current day India, the Celtic climes of Western Europe, Central Europe and the Mid-East. In time we walked on to China, and across the Bering Straights, then South throughout the Americas.

If we pay attention to this trail, we begin to see that spiritual pursuits were posited and refined everywhere on the great human trek: the Druids, the Celts, and all those who stopped in Western Europe; the great Vedic tradition of India; the Pre-Taoist peoples of China; the Bonn Civilization of Tibet; the introduction of agriculture and the flourishing of the Fertile Crescent; the Americas and the spiritual practices arising all along the trail south. Thus culture seeded and grew more and more rich, thicker and thicker until today, when the Karma of humans has covered the Blue Planet.

Karma in Ancient Times

Somewhere between the thawing-out, which appears to have started around forty thousand years ago along the East Coast of Africa, and Classical Egypt, the current ideas of Karma began to congeal. Spell Casting took on definition, and Spell Casters began to refined their tool kits: working with the practitioner’s hair, their tears; creating amulets to strengthen the longevity of the Spell. With this thickening of cultural life, Karma herself began to roil with more and more juiciness.

With these intrepid ancestors, a seed of liberation from the daily grind arose. They started to put meaning to the intensely demanding, never-ending, pursuit of sustenance and shelter. It arose from the understanding picked up on the Way mixing with the knowledge they inherited from the heart of Mother Africa. As the metamorphosis moved through gestation, their discoveries birthed a new knowledge, an new understanding based on life as the Long Journey. With it Karma experienced a rich shape-shifting.

Undoubtedly, all great venues for the pursuit of spiritual understanding emerged from this great migration. The brilliant combination of the spiritual and the worldly in Africa; the endless questioning of India; the earth-based thinking of the Western European thought; the Poetic flow of Early Chinese thought; the flowering of the voices of the Prophets in the Fertile Crescent; the at-one-with-nature of the peoples of North America Before the White Man, and the startlingly profound understanding of the climes farther south in the Americas.

All seeds of our great formats for the ingesting of spiritual knowledge sprouted and grew slowly, patiently and persistently during this period of time. We searched our earth, the seas, the heavens and deep within our beings, looking for clarification of things that caused wonder in our minds—the Karma thickened with the addition of one individual Karmic being at a time. It is the texture of our being and it’s relationship to all things that are part of us.

Karma in Modern Times

We have a tendency to make Karma over. We get confused, lost in fear and attempt turn it into a sort of spirit candy, a reward based concept—KARMA KORN—some sort of a sugary pay-off for being good boys and girls. Within our interior dialogue, we reason that, if we do what we are supposed, behave in a way that fits with all the spirit-gossip we hear there will be a reward. We assume that we will find that our pursuits offer up a caramel coated enlightenment, a never ending supply of some sweet reward.

“Hey, dude, my Karma is really good. Like I am totally cool. My Karma is the real thing.” Or, “hey, you better not do that, it’s really bad Karma. Your Karma will really be screwed up, I mean for a hundred thousand life times.”

But this thinking more or less misses the point. Karma is the balance, the ebb and the flow of our lives. It does not mean that, if we work hard at putting on a goodie-two-shoes routine, we will end up with a heap of “brownie points” a mile high and be okay for ever. It does not mean that because we are so spiritual, we are better than those around us. On the contrary, being at balance in our Karma is not about being “good boys and girls.” It often requires a basic, healthy relationship with our shadow side.

Karma in Magic and Spell Casting

Of course, we sooth our interactions with others. This is like applying natural oils or cream to our skin when the weather is very dry. Or, the application of cool slices of cucumber to our eyes when they are very tired. Acts like these are magical in their contribution to the moment, they are the most simple of spells. However, life always throws curve balls. We enter into situations that involve people who are not capable of respect. First, we try bringing them in toward us. Next, we feel through them into the depth of the moment. We add our own, personal, behavioral moves—cool as a cucumber—in and effort to sooth the situation. But there are people who will continue to torment everyone, making a joke of our time, causing a general, endless hassle. These people must be dealt with directly, quickly, certainly—not in a sense of vengeance or playing prove-it but as an act of courtesy to everyone. They must be removed from our Path instantly. This is the Karma Yoga from which martial arts arose. It can become the practitioners very deep seated knowledge of our Karmic Balance.

Karma is the central nervous system of Spell Casting, of our entire lives— something like the relationship of our amazing, reptilian brains to our bodies. We are triune brained creatures and just at the top of our vertebrae, under the skull, rests our our reptilian brain, below the limbic and the much newer cortex. It controls all of the things in our lives that we constantly depend on in order to be balanced, living creatures. For example, it coordinates all of our physical needs for the location we are in—balancing the action of our lungs to both, the toxic and healthy gasses in the ambient air around us.

The Effects of Karma

Karma does this with our spirit life, and it, as well as our bodies, can be radically effected by on-going cleansing. Cleansing the body well takes a bit of research and digging, in and trying things. Of course, this is actually fun and the practice feels wonderful—both, during the cleansing and afterward, as we enjoy the results of our bodies sense of refreshment.

At first, refreshing the Karma is more subtle than the tingle of fine oils like peppermint on our flesh. We are so used to ambling on, and on, and on thoughtlessly—a habit we glean from our parents—that the idea of a purifying of our Karma never enters our minds. We do this, do that, don’t do the other—the commands that children must suffer are handed down from mother and father, to mother and father, to mother and father. A great many of them are ridiculous, simple habit that does not benefit the child or society at all: hate, fear, suspicion, the Shadow Side run rampant with ego is often the final result. It is a miracle that Homo sapiens has managed to exist on the Blue Planet for as long as we have. Having our Karmic channels polished just doesn’t enter our minds.

With the horrible diatribe that is pounded into our heads from the time of our births, it is no wonder that Gautama, the Buddha, was clobbered so hard by the visage of pain on the vast majority of faces, when—as a young, extremely wealthy prince—he took off from the castle and visited the street life in India.

Spiritual pain is endless among human beings—the vast, overwhelming hurting that people endure day, after endless day is staggering and all spiritual training has proffered various tools for working with the deep-seat anxieties we cope with every second of our existence—methods for a cleanup.

The basic tool, which arose many millennia in the past, is learning to quiet the endless chatter that we torment ourselves, then keeping the practice alive as a continual habit. We run gossip through our brains, comparing Bob’s hair with our own, or Jane’s figure with another woman’s, etc. We compare one family’s car with our own. One person’s giant house with our own modest apartment. We run a tape through about someone putting us down.

This endless, rabid chatter appears to be solid if we have never had any training for purifying ourselves. Some schools of thought refer to the situation as a circle, sometimes, a snake eating its tail because of the appearance of thought as a continuum. However, if we get good training, we soon see that there are spaces between thoughts. Tiny cracks exist all around the circle of thinking, and they can widen and widen and widen—in time, the spaces can widen so much that we begin to form a relationship with silence.

The Benefits of Spiritual Cleansing

This peace of mind becomes with the most difficult and important of all cleansing—it works as the base, the solid foundation upon which all other understanding of Karma can grow. This most crucial of all cleaning and purifying practices, the techniques for quieting our mental chatter has taken on many forms: the spinning of the dervishes from the Fertile Crescent; the sitting practice of meditation; the mind-stilling efforts of certain yoga teachers.

Taming the tiger of the mind is the most long-term, complex, undescribable undertaking a person can venture into—often called “The Way” or the “The Path” this ordeal actually does have the feeling of an endless trail.

Depending on the person, giving the space to the mind for it to relax, can take a very long time—however, there are accelerated approaches like Ms. Aisha’s Karma Cleansing Spells, that are often hairy, and frightening but do work. In the end, the reward for this primary cleansing and purifying are fantastic, but the funny thing is that one cannot be after the reward—the reward must be dropped like the mental chatter. As the quiet begins to take over in the mind, the practitioner begins to feel a sense of liberation like no other. A person can sometime notice that they are sitting in a café, on a bus, in a car, walking into a market and the mind is not weighing, judging, criticizing, fighting, playing one-upmanship games—it is simply present, noting all that is taking place, feeling at one with the situation.

No matter how many years one spends moving toward the great emptiness described by so many visionaries, this clean-out of the mind leaves the Practioner free in a way that is indescribable. True peace of mind is the result. The novice often sees this as a state of an ongoing Karma Party, a boogy-down of enlightened mind, a contest to see who is the best at cleansing. But those syndromes miss the whole event the payoff, in the end is happiness, and the most amazing quality of happiness is that it disappears into the background of our wonderful lives.

With the grand clean-up, the cessation of mind-chatter having begun, and moving into place there are many other spiritual cleansings: freeing ourselves from aggression, stop practices so we can quit rushing through our lives, exercising kindness so we can see how deeply it effects us, practicing the Dark Side understanding, getting to know ourselves thoroughly. But the foundation of taming the tiger must come first.

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