I contacted ms. Aisha a year ago, first I ordered the luck / success talisman, was not sure if it was going to work, but it did, it is very subtle, it’s little things here and there, I always seem to have just enough for what I really need. and I’m very grateful for that. Then I ordered a PRC spell, nothing happened at first for almost 2 weeks, then there were some results that started to take place very slowly over the next 2 months!! talk about being patient! I was dying there, but slowly they were happenings. Then everything came into place in one shot, like overnight everything worked out. I’m not trying to discourage you, different cases get different results, some are faster than others. I know it must be very hard, believe me I know what I’m talking about!! but hang in there, when it is the right time, it will start to happen, Ms. Aisha and Miriam are wonderful souls, please have pure intentions, and love in your heart, love yourself, and ask for love in return, you will get it, it will be from the ones you love with all your heart.

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