Post #1:

On the first day I received the Talisman, I also received two indicators that this is finally going to be just the thing to help me!

A total stranger who knows my ex came up to talk to me while I was waiting in a shop and this young man ended up on the subject of my ex. He informed me of an event which I might attend to see if my ex chooses to speak to me there. We haven’t even spoken in a very long time – months

Right after I left the shop, me and my ex passed each other in our cars. This is a rare occurrence and seldom happens, but it happened the first day I had received the Talisman. Not only did we pass by each other, traffic lights on both sides stopped us in plain sight of one another. I didn’t look over, but I had that feeling you get when you know someone is looking at you. Hopefully he noticed my car and saw me or thought about me.

I had a little accident with my spell Talisman after arriving at my home in all the giddiness I felt with the energies surrounding me to help, but Aisha is fixing everything and has been so very kind to me in this. The instructions are easy, but I was careless this first day I had the Talisman and was paying attention to the spell energies as this was such a new feeling to feel. Now I have only to wait until the work begun is began again and there is more such good news to tell.

Thank You Aisha!!! I am so grateful to have found you!

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