Once the wheels of magic are in motion, one should never discuss a magic spell with anyone. All occult matters must be kept a secret at all times. Talking and discussing spiritual matters will disturb the magical energies and will break the magic spell.

We know the great power, the deep, enfolding mystery of the dark. We know that teachings that make us fearful of the dark, of our shadow, are, in the end, empty fearful promises that can never offer true enlightenment.

Protecting Persons and Energy

Our shadow may move into killer mode to protect the creature, and this amazing surge of energy can save the person from demise—our beings are designed to avoid the end of the creature. We are not designed for unnatural acts like armies, which are the works of the rich, using the heart felt idealism of the young to herd them into weaponry and move them off for killingry. These efforts are attempts to create a stasis for protection of the assets of the wealthy. Nationalism is used to hypnotize the vast majority of working people—who also pay for the assets of the wealthy by relinquishing their own shares of the earth’s resources—then let their children march off to slaughter.

The above scenario is actual darkness as seen in Francis Coppola’s staggering film, Apocalypse Now. The darkness of our shadow and Egyptian spells has nothing to do with true evil like the mass psychosis of feeding children into the war machines to protect the assets of the wealthy.

What to Share and what Not

Our entire beings are aflow with the light, airy grace of being, of feeling the overwhelming state of happiness. This is the root of the philosophy of people like the Dali Lama who can be seen living in the natural state of grace. The Dali Lama shares his pursuit of kindness with us one and all—we can see it in the authenticity of his smile. We all want to provide, to gain understanding and to share it with all creatures, to offer great knowledge and bring release from the global suffering, which we can see so deeply etched on the majority of human faces.

However, there are many parcels of knowledge that must be kept between the Caster of Spells, the Practioner and the novitiate until the student is ripe, has gained sufficient understanding to treat the truths as jewels.

This need for protection of certain truths is seen in all great practice. Even a fine, clear spirit, so deeply trained in the magnificence of loving-kindness, so present, so clear, open and present right here in the moment, must be skillful about the dissemination of certain information.

In this same vein, Spell Casters must protect the novitiate, their participants, all who come in from the cold, and start stumbling across knowledge for which they are not prepared.

Never Cast Pearls Before Swine

We are all familiar with the old adage, “Never cast pearls before swine.” This is not to say that those who are not Spell Casters, who are not versed in the great teachings of Egypt are hog-like. It is not at all about putting people down—that is never wisdom, but always, fear-based, frivolous behavior.

This great truth from the ancients means that we should protect fine, glowing truths from those who are not prepared to utilize them. We can be pretty much certain that if we present a great hog with pearls, it will not place them around the neck of its beloved to present their wonderful luster to glow in the rays of the sun. On the contrary, the immense creature will either eat them and give them up again, to mix with the mud and excrement, which are his natural abode. Or, he may simply trample them directly into the slurry in which he revels.

Protecting the Spell Work through Secrecy

No matter, the Practioner of the Egyptian arts must steer clear of revealing more than their recipient can work with on an uplifting basis. When working with love potions—handling so much power—we must be fully aware of the vast forces at play.

First, there are droves of human beings who are very strongly opposed to all spells. They are deeply frightened of anything different, anything that doesn’t appear as part of their milieu, and because fear of the shadow side is so prolific, so often used to generate cash flow for films and television, a great percentage of the population are deeply afraid of any spell casting.

Protecting the Teachings

Protecting the teachings from this frivolous mind set is important, not from fear, but because one does not waste vitality by casting pearls. Too much talk weakens all great endeavors. This is one of the key points of all teachings. If one talks, and talks, and talks, the energy is spread too thin and immense amounts of one’s own power and the power of the magic and all related spells leak off via the chit-chat.

This is not to say that idle conversation is a forbidden behavior. Cults and other groups that get too strict, promote an isolation from our own selves as ordinary creatures. Above all things in this world, we are human beings. The ordinary, the mundane, the day-to-day, are a very important part of our being human. Simple things, like relaxing, laying on a bluff and watching a stream roll by, chatting with dear friends after the communion of a home cooked meal—all the ordinary pastimes are a very important part of keeping ourselves grounded.

But, if we simply stand around and gossip about our spells, our spell work, castings, and the other aspects of the sacred knowledge, there is a tendency to fall into habits. The key habit to avoid is promoting ourselves. This means that we can easily develop longings to be the “best,” “the most enlightened,” “ the most powerful of all sooth sayers.” That type of thinking actually misses the point. The idea is to be an asset. To cast Love Spells that help people move through all of those difficult barriers that can separate us from a healthy love life.

Spell Secrecy in Ancient Egyptian Magic

The great Egyptian Arts, with Egyptian Witchcraft high on that list, are without boundary—the practitioner can empower the Love Spell as far as the person can expand with their own ability to receive. The one direction that must be kept is being of service—this keeps us away from the frivolous. False power, fixation with power out of context, being consumed with our own myths about our own selves: this type of behavior causes us to forget our deepest purpose—being at one with service—and get lost in the pursuit of empty grasping.

Love is actually the only power—it is where our only true, sustainable strengths are available. Ever rejuvenating, regenerating, and reforming, Love can release us into absolute freedom. As we get strong with Spell Casting, we begin to see what must be kept quiet. We understand where leaks of idle chatter diminish the great flow of energy through our work with others.

Love does not require laborious sets of rules—it is the rule, a rule unto itself. It is not all smiley-faced and vacuous, huggy-bear sentiment. Those behaviors are fine, but love also deals with the enhanced state of basic power, the simple, uncut gem—the raw rugged stone with its shadow flow, it’s inscrutable perfections, the facets not yet cut.

Exploration of the dark side in Spell Casting can lead to people thinking that they have become tough. mobsters of love, that they are invincible and have become a grand showpiece. This is also frivolous behavior and is one of the key reasons for avoiding talk, for keeping the work private.

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