I asked Aisha to close this case, so now I can talk.

I ordered PRC on 11/3/06 to connect D and me. We were still seeing together but too much up and down. Aisha send me am email that the spell will complete on 11/16 and I was waiting for talisman. On that day, D asked me out and we went to the party, I was excited and almost everything was ok, until D started talking to other women at the bar and i found it he was even buying a drink. We had a fight and got separated at the bar, I ended up getting injured at the bar and went to ER, of course D was there but he said he didnt notice anthing. It took about 2 weeks to get healed, thank for my close friends, I was getting better, but all of my friends hated D because he wasn’t there for me, he didnt come to the hospital or visited me. He even told me we should not see each other anymore. I was totally disappointed and sad and wondering why the spell worked like that. While I was staying home I received the talisman on 11/21. I was depressed already but followed the instruction and lit 3 candles, all of sudden, I received the emails and calls from D saying his feelings for me are much deeper and he wanted to get back together. For the next 3 weeks – we were intimate and romantic, I thought the spell is working finally. Then after I threw the fetish to river, I didn’t hear from him for a week. Finally, I called him and he told me he started seeing someone else.

I was hurt because I gave him a second chance and totally got burned.

After a couple weeks we met few times, but i realized he was not a good guy at all, he started seeing new women while we were together and especially while he was saying he didn’t want to let me go. He also didn’t act faithful to his new girlfriend either, inviting me over his place or asking me out. I finally realized he was not good at all.

It was winding road but the spell teach me the lesson. Spell is there to make me happy, not to keep me with wrong person.

Ys, NY

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