I don’t even know how to thank you Aisha, you have done so many good things for me and you have rescued me from my old miserable state of mind. First I received vivid dreams, so vivid that I did not know for several minutes if it was true or just a dream. Already then i realized that the spell was working. On Saturday my husband called me after 6 years of separation and no contact of any kind. He called me to wish me happy holidays. It took your spell only 3 weeks to make him call me while other spell casters worked on it on and off for several years. You are a real and true practitioner and I am so happy that I had the honor to work with you and had you help me. I felt your warm energies with me every night and even now that my estranged husband came back and wants to re-marry me I can still feel you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and i will never forget when you have reached out your hand to help me and to accompany to a brighter tomorrow. I wish that this warm feeling will always stay. Thank you Aisha, Thank you for all that you have done.

Suzanne, Canada

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