Ms Aisha I don’t know how to thank you. You have changed my life! I am so grateful to you, Please know that I truly appreciate what you have done for me.

I am now ready to share my story with everyone, this is the least I could do.

Okay all my life I have believed in true love because I know it exists. Several months ago I was going through a bitter divorce. My husband of ten years was having an affair with his secretary, I wasn’t aware of it until he got her pregnant.

She called me up her self and told me everything that they have been doing.

I cried for days and nights. I’ve found out that he even bought her a promise ring. I asked his secretary to please abort the baby and not ruin our marriage. She coldly told me that it was my husband who is ruining this marriage not her. She insisted on keeping the baby. She even claimed that John my husband is madly in love with her. I confronted him and he fully confessed, Yes he cheated, and yes he got her pregnant, and yes he is madly in love with her. He told me that he can’t help it. He still loves me but he feels that he is madly in love with her, hence he wants to be with her.
I even tried to work things out and make it work. I pleaded, I begged on my knees for the sake of our children. still he didn’t care. He dumped me for her.

This is when my journey began. I purchased spell from scammers not knowing it. I was so naive and never took the time to do my research. I have been scammed by fake spell casters and psychics on several occasions. I was stupid enough to send them money via western union. Please don’t do it. Never pay via western union only crooks and scammers ask for it. I have spent thousands of dollars on fakes and scammer.

Here is how to detect a scam:
If you are asked to send money via western union. This is a scam no matter what excuse they give you.
If you are not asked to send biological samples for your spell work ( this is the most important part for a real spell to work) this is a scam
If you are not asked for pictures. This is a scam
If you are not asked for first names and birth dates. This is a scam.
If they are not sending you a charged talisman after the completion of your spell work. This is a scam.

I have come to learn that a true love spell will only work if the biological samples such as hair, nail clippings and pictures, names and birth dates are used. And finally the most important one the talisman. Without a charged talisman and all the mentioned above, you are basically giving your money to a scammer, a con artist. Please don’t get scammed like I have. I have been scammed more than 17 times that is until I found Ms Aisha My true angel. I am so glad that I have found you.

I did my home work and a lot of research. My knowledge, my gut instinct guided me to Ms Aisha.
I contacted her regarding my case, she performed a series of shell readings and got back to me. She told me that my husband has bedroom eyes and that he is a cheater and he can’t help it especially when younger women are involved.

Ms Aisha also told me that this young woman in John’s life does not really love him.
All she wants is his money. I was so upset, I wanted her out of our lives, I wanted her out of the picture and I wanted my husband with me where he belongs. Ms Aisha recommended the Amun ra spell and the rest like they say is history.

One week after I received my talisman John fired Mary, she was so upset she had a miscarriage. My husband came back to his full senses and we have been happier ever since.

Thank you Ms Aisha, I am forever indebted to you.

If you are looking for authentic spells that work , Ms Aisha is your answer. I mean that in every sense of the world.
Don’t get scammed Like I have, think before you act.

Mary T

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