I am a bit of a skeptic, I must admit. It was very difficult to pay Aisha’s fees because I didn’t really have the trust in her. Not in her personally but in all spiritual workers that claim that they could help people with magic or energies. When I got my first time consultation I didn’t know what to do and talked to many people about hiring witches and spell casters. Anyone seemed to have an opinion on this matter. I contacted all spell casters that I could find online and was more confused than before. It was very difficult to find someone that would share an honest experience, positive or negative, with a spell caster. I believe the ones that get results don’t write a lot and those that claim to have negative experiences may not even be real people. I’ve contacted so many people through blogs and forums and at one point or another all of them offered me services or subscribed me (without my knowledge) to some email list to sell ebooks, secret spells or kits. This truly disturbed me. I receive at least 10-15 emails a day from spell casters that don’t even have websites and some of them share the same payment gateway with 20-30 other websites. Very suspicious. Most of these blogs and forums seem to be run by spell casters themselves to fool undecided souls such as myself. I came to the conclusion not to trust anyone but to go with my instinct.

At any rate, I did not respond to Aisha’s first time consultation until at least 2 to 3 months later, maybe even longer. The night before I wrote to her again I felt that urge that I needed to do something and Aisha’s website was the only site that made me feel something. Something that I can’t even describe in words… something spiritual and some great hope that my case could be solved. First thing in the moring I emailed her again and I am so glad I did.

At that point I had put all these doubts and fears behind me. I let go of it and completely submerged myself into the experience. I really wanted to be open minded and try it. To my surprise it worked better than I hoped for. There is magic, magic is real, magic helped me. My life took some sudden and unexplainable turns and all that I wished for came to fruition. Even today, more than 6 months later, I still embrace the feelings and the hope magic gave me. I also embrace Aisha, I am thankful that she helped me and directed the magic in the most beneficial way. She returned my husband. We had a very bad and ugly separation and divorce. There was no hope that we could ever reunite. Too many bad things had happened. My spell didn’t work overnight, it took a couple of weeks for things to improve, but they improved and all the negative things of the past were gone. This was truly magical. I don’t think many of you have such difficult cases but even in my case it worked and I am glad I didn’t let my overly-skeptic-personality prevent me from going on this wonderful journey. I am truly blessed, and so are you, because you have this wonderful woman Aisha in your life that will not disappoint you. Thank you for reading my experience and best of luck to you on your journey.

S., C.

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