I have been searching and have come close to been spiritually and mentally hurt. All my life I have struggled and battled with the things, I love the most.

Everything I asked for was taken away from me.

I am amazed and total believe that I have found Aisha. She is the most extraordinarily spiritual person on this earth. There is no one else like her here today. It is a spiritual truth and talented spiritual leader.

It is a true spiritual belief that has been running for thousands of years and I have been in search for Aisha for a very long time.

Her powers are accurate and I have been blown away. I had a one-month delay but then the love of my life called me and came to see me. I am waiting for his return to be permanent and forever. I am sure it will be as I have had a glimpse of what it would be like. That to me is very true and accurate.

I am more than grateful and proud of my self for not giving up and having faith that she is alive here on this earth and today.

Heart, Earth

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