My situation was very difficult and even though I ordered the Cleopatra spell it took a couple of weeks to see results. I’ve then decided to get another Cleopatra spell (against Aisha’s advice) and the additional energies of another Cleopatra spell made all the difference for my situation. My problem was love related and a man that I wanted to be reunited with did not show any interest in me and never responded to any call, text or email for over 7 years. We have not been together for 8 years and I’ve tried many spell casters and witches over the years but whenever they cast their spells (if they even casted spells) I never felt anything. There was nothing, no positive feeling, no energy surge, no dreams, no sensations in my body like I experienced during aisha’s spell castings. That’s why I already knew during the first Cleopatra spell that I have finally arrived at the right place and didn’t mind spending money for a second spell. That was the first time EVER that I felt that a real spell was done for me and I am so happy that I ordered that second Cleopatra spell because it delivered swift results. I have never been so happy and I am still faced with the question how I can ever thank Aisha for all she has done for me. I feel that she has saved my life and my sanity and I wish I could make her just as happy. I love you Aisha! You are my angel.

Thankful, Garden State

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