I am signing this guest book to return positive energies to all of you who are waiting for results or deciding if a spell is for you. My magic spell was love related -he left me in August05. I was sick with heartbreak plus anger of the betrayal. Then I prayed for him to be happy and tried to let him go. But he wasn’t happy with this woman as she lied so much yet he didn’t realize the deception. I could sense his unhappiness and felt pain for both of us. He would contact me but many friends and family assumed he was just keeping me strung along in case it didn’t work out with the other woman. He came back in November but she convinced him to leave me again. He came back in January and again she lied -this time that she was pregnant so he left again. Aisha cast a spell mid January and he immediately returned home. The other woman worked very hard to keep us apart plus they worked together so there was constant contact. I tried very hard not to fight over this issue- I truly love him and did not believe in their relationship. He was blinded to so much of the deception. He left several times but only for a few days and returned. I contacted Miriam and she always returned my emails-I had 2 reinforcements spells done. The love spell is still working and it feels like he is home for good this time. He left his job even to stay away from her and was so happy to be hired immediately at another company-yet she still would not let it go. Patience and hope are part of the spiritual journey I am taking. I am forever grateful for this wonderful woman, Aisha and her daughters-that they are willing to help us out here. I feel so blessed that I found Aisha.

Dee, US

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