My name is Loretta and last year I lost my husband to my so called best Friend Paula. I came home one day in the middle of the day and found my husband making love to my so called best friend. I made a big scene and police was called. It was very ugly. My husband filed for divorce and that was the end of it.

My so called best friend relocated with my man to florida, living happily ever after as if nothing had happened. It was the worst year of my life. not only did I lose my husband but I was scammed by fake spell casters and practitioners. My bank account was almost depleted. I still kept looking until I have found a real witch. I was sick and tired of false promises, lies, deception you name it. These con artists even award them selves phony awards in order to look legitimate. But Now I know because I am an educated consumer. Please don’t get played like me. If the spell caster is not asking for bio samples and is not going to be sending you a charged talisman then you are dealing with a fake, a con artist. Be very carful out there.

When I found Ms. Aisha I was a skeptic at first but when she asked me to send her some of my hairs and nail clippings I knew i was dealing with the real deal. She also asked for my address so that she can ship my talisman once it was charged. She recommended a customized Cleopatra spell.

Seven days after I received my talisman My husband broke up with Paula and tried to reconcile with me. He did everything he could to get me to forgive him and I finally did. I must admit I love the man. He profusely apologized for what he put me through. Paula was never seen or heard from again. I am very glad that she is out of our lives.

Thank you Ms. Aisha for getting rid of her. Your break up spell did exactly what it says. It broke them up in less than seven days.

I love and respect your work. I will always be your client.

Truly yours,


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