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You have health insurance to protect your health, auto insurance to protect your car, and homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to protect your property. What about your physical and spiritual being? A Protection Spell is a generalized spell designed to protect your being from harm of all varieties. The positive forces infiltrate the energies around you and protect you against injury from

  • Other people
  • Animals
  • Negative forces and energy
  • Spirits
  • Demons

This all-protective spell will shield you from future harm and includes a 90-layer shield that provides lifelong protection against injury. It can also be combined with a Curse Removal. By arming yourself with this spell you prevent malice from entering your life, providing open access to opportunities and possibilities to increase your freedom and happiness.

It will guard against any harm in your life, whether you are currently under attack, fear attack, or simply wish to banish all worry from your life. My powerful spell allows you to focus on your potential and prosperity. Once the spell is cast, look at the other white magic spells on this site and choose one that will enhance your life by bringing even more positive energies to your being.

All of my witchcraft spells are designed to increase your happiness and passion in order to improve your quality of life. Like the Protection Spell, all of the rituals employ positive magical forces to remove negative energy from your life. These forces work in conjunction with the universe to fulfill your needs and desires. Start building a better, more prosperous life for yourself here.

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