Spell to Delete the Past

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We have all made mistakes. Some you wish to forget, others you wish other people could forget. Our present lives are a function of the experiences and memories of our past. Some of those memories and experiences you’ll cherish for all eternity while others you’d rather forget.

The Spell to Delete the Past uses positive magical forces to manipulate the memory of an individual in order to erase a memory of a particular event. It is designed to help others forget specific memories so that painful events or experiences from the past will no longer surface in a relationship. The positive energies of this spell create the sense that the event is no longer relevant, that it is of the past and will no longer influence the present. It will promote forgiveness and love by dissolving painful memories in order to be replaced by new, happier experiences.

My white magic spell is not a time machine. You may still recall whatever it is you wish to erase from the mind of someone else. But the recipient of this spell will forget the event or circumstances you want to eliminate. He or she may vaguely recall events surrounding the memory but the experience will be forgotten. By phasing out painful memories, the spell allows positive energies to fill the void and begin building the foundation for a better, stronger, healthier relationship built on love and forgiveness.

Like all the love spells, money spells and magic spells on this site, you can use this spell to support other spells. All the magical forces are designed to attract and promote positive energy in your life and will work together to support a happier existence. This spell pairs best with the Karma cleansing spell, the purification spell, and the spells to attract positive energy into your life. Use them alone or together to build a strong, supportive energy web in which to build a prosperous life.

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