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Spell and Ritual Description

Introducing for the first time, right out of Ms Aisha’s spiritual arsenal...

The Amun-Ra ritual. Amun-Ra, god of kings and king of gods. The oldest and longest venerated ruler of ancient Egypt. Amun, meaning “hidden” and Ra meaning “ light” Amun the god, he who abides in all things. The Amun-Ra ritual is notoriously considered to be the “The WMD” within in the spiritual realm. A ritual so powerful that the word “powerful” is an understatement. A ritual so potent than no man, woman, child, ghost or spirit is capable of withstanding it’s phenomenal force. This is the ritual of all rituals, I mean that in every aspect of the word. A ritual that most bona fide practitioners will go to extremities for. A ritual that most practitioners will spend the rest of their lives wishing for. A ritual, utterly hidden, and secretive. It can only be performed in the darkest of night shades. A ritual forcefully shielded against the lurking eyes of all matter of spirits and ghosts. A ritual that can only be conducted by the chosen one, I Ms. Aisha , AKA “Marat Elfajer”. “Marat” meaning “lady” and “Elfajer” meaning “Dawn” translates to “Lady of the Dawn”

What the Amun Ra Ritual Spell will do for you

The Amun-Ra ritual is highly effective, and will produce your desired yet tangible results in a hasty fashion. It demands a tremendous amount of preparation, very hard to get, rare ingredients and materials. The actual spirit of Amun-Ra will be summoned to appear before me. Once Amun is invoked and is in visible appearance, I will make the demands on your behalf. I will command him to accomplish your desired wish, what ever it may be, and in return of his favor, he will receive a basket full of gifts that even he can not resist. This Basket is prepared by me, and is filled to the brim with goods that are considered to be the legal tender within the spiritual world.

Remember that one must give in order for one to receive...
This spell work is conducted on the sacred grounds of my ranch. This enormous task consist of 77 ceremonial rituals and is broken down into 7 stages. 7 spells are performed in each stage, equaling the amount of 49 spells in total, these spells are meticulously tailor made to fit your situation or problem, and will work in concert to deliver your desired results in a hasty fashion.

Be ready to embark on a spiritual journey like no other…. You will be glad you did.

May the Power of Ra be with You!

How to Order the Amun Ra Ritual

The fee for the Amun Ra Ritual is a one time fee of $690. Please keep in mind that shipping charges for the Talisman will apply. You must place your order through my shopping cart system, no matter which payment method you may choose. I do accept credit card payments, Paypal, money orders, cashier's checks, and international money orders. The shopping cart will calculate the final charges and will also issue you an order number. Make sure to write the order number on top of your materials, along with your full name and email address. For detailed order information please read How to Order

Order the Amun Ra Ritual

What is included in the Amun Ra Ritual?

  • Pre-spell analysis with extensive energy and shell readings
  • Gathering and Blessing Ceremony of all materials and ingredients
  • 77 batches of rare ingredients and materials for your ritual
  • 77 batches of rare ingredients and materials for your talisman
  • 77 extensive ceremonial rituals
  • preparation of your Talisman
  • Blessing Ceremony of your Talisman
  • Hex Eradicator
  • 14 Layer Spiritual Shield
  • Final Energy Reading and Blessing Ceremony
  • The Amun Ra Ritual will be 100% customized to your specific situation and Problems

Required Materials for the Amun Ra Ritual

Wish List

Send me a wish list describing your wishes and what you may wish for the spell to accomplish for you. Your wish list can be as short as one page or as long as 15 and more pages. The wish list can be handwritten or typed.

Pubic Hairs

Three (3) pubic hairs from you. The hairs must be cut – not plucked (yes, cut - not plucked for the Amun Ra Ritual). Put your three pubic hairs in a small envelope and label it with your name.

NOTE: All biological materials (such as hairs, tears, nail) should be put in a little paper envelope and labeled with your name.


I need your first and last name.

Your mother's first name

I need your mother's first name (NOT her maiden name), just her first name. Your mother won't be included in the ritual. I need this information because she is your direct connection to the universe. If you were adopted please include the first name of your biological mother. If you do not have the name just write n/a

A Picture of You

Copies are acceptable. The pictures won't be returned.

Loved One's First Name, Date of Birth and Picture (for love spells only)

I need your loved one's first name and last name. If he/she has more than one name or goes by his/her nick name please include all names. If you do not know your loved one's date of birth this is no problem, I can cast a spell with out this information. However if you know their age or astrological sign please include it. I need a picture of you and your loved one (together or separate). Copies are acceptable. The pictures won't be returned.

Other People involved

If your problem involves other people you must provide me with their first names

My Mailing Address

Aisha Enterprise
Attn: Aisha Haadi
5482 Wilshire Blvd., #1923
Los Angeles, CA 90036




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