Free Negativity Removal Spell

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This free negativity cleansing spell will be performed on the 13th of each month. To participate, please submit a description of all your negative thoughts, anger, hate, animosity, dissappointment and negative feelings, through the online form below.

You will have to submit your first name and your date of birth and enter a description of all your negative thoughts, anger, hate, animosity, disappointment and negative feelings:

Removal of Negative Energies (Free Spell)

*(denotes required field)

This spell is offered free for all, and anyone may participate. It is very helpful and effective in removing negative feelings and emotional pain and will invite positive energies, feelings of happiness and joy into your life.

This spell does not remove any negative energies and is not a replacement for the Power Ritual Combo.

All submissions must be submitted 1 to 3 days prior the 13th of every month.

This ritual is performed as a spiritual group ritual. This means that I will print all your submissions and include them in my cleansing spell. This ritual entails several extensive ritual sessions. After completion of the ritual your written submissions will be consumed by fire and your negative feelings will be released. Positive energies, feelings of joy and happiness will sourround you. It will remove all your negative and sad feelings.

All submissions are very confidential. Your submissions will never be read by anyone and will be consumed by fire on the 13th of each month.

I do not offer any consultation for this ritual.

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