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What Magic Spells Can Do For You

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Dearest Clients and Friends,

Unfortunately there are still some misconceptions in regards to magic spells out there. Therefore I felt the need to address this subject once more.

While magic spells seem to be something that only work in movies, this is far from the case.  In real life, magic does work and it does happen, even when you don’t realize it.  Once you learn what magic spells can do for you, you might just want to try a few for yourself to see how your life can be completely changed in terms of love and the relationships you want.

Love and Lust

One area where many people want to have more magic in their lives is in their love life.  Whether you’re with someone or you want to be with someone, bringing love and lust into your life are common goals of spell work.  With white magic spells, you can begin to bring a new love into your life, fix up a current relationship, or you might even get rid of the competition you face in the dating scene.  With magic spells, you will begin to change your luck in love and change the relationships you already have.  Even relationships that seem to be ending can often be saved by magic spells.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Want

Not only can you remove the competition from your love life with magic spells, but you can also begin to make break ups easier and less drama-filled.  By using magic, you can begin to change your relationship on an energetic level, freeing the both of you to find love elsewhere without still being connected to the other.

Magic spells can help you change your life and allow you to finally find the love you want, need, and deserve.  With just a few words, a clear intention, and maybe some other special tools, your thoughts about love can become reality, not just wishes on stars.

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Keep love alive,

Aisha Haadi Marat Elfajer

The Powers of Isis Magic Spells

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Dearest Clients and Friends,

Isis, one of the most recognized and celebrated goddesses in Egypt, was not a simple woman.  Not only was she the sister of Osiris, but she had to become his lover in order to give birth to Horus, her son.  She is frequently associated with being a goddess of motherhood, magic, and fertility as a result.

Isis’ Many Faces

Isis was also a goddess who was tasked with protecting the dead and with watching over children in many  magic spells.  She is also considered to be the ideal wife and mother to all, while also being a patron of nature for the world.  Isis does not limit her magic spell power to those that are rich or who already have what they need.  She listens to the poor, to those in pain, and to those who are desperate in their lives.

The Tears of Isis

Isis is not without her own sorrow, it is said.  She cried many tears when her husband died and some say this is why the Nile continues to flood to this day, as her tears filled the river. Osiris’ death and rebirth is a part of many magic spells by Isis and with her presence.  All that dies can be reborn once more, she seems to tell us.

The Difficult Decisions when it comes to Casting White Magic Spells

A magic spell with Isis is one which can be simple, but powerful. Her serene presence and her dedication to all people allows her to listen to the woes of people, while also bringing hope.  She is known as the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of all Gods, and the One Who is All.  Isis helps the crops to grow with her fertility powers, just as your own seeds can begin to grow with her guidance and assistance.

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The powers of Isis are many, a magic spell with her on hand grants the person the ability to birth into being their greatest wishes.

Keep love alive,

Aisha Haadi Marat Elfajer